Essential elements of a UI style guide starter kit and how to use it
A UI Style Guide Starter Kit is a useful tool for designers who want to make user interfaces that are reliable and visually appealing.
Creating Color Schemes for the UI Style Guide Kit
The color scheme is one of a UI style guide’s most important components. Choosing the proper colors is crucial to creating an aesthetically pleasing user interface (UI) since colors have a substantial impact on the overall look and feel of a product.
The Importance of Moodboarding for Junior UI Designers
Moodboards serve as a foundation for the design process, helping designers to communicate and refine their ideas, and ultimately create a cohesive and effective design.
Leveraging ChatGPT as a Tool for Designers
Reading a lot of inputs from designers, and personal experience myself, I can list some of the possible things a designer can get out of a tool like ChatGPT. Here are 8 ways how you can use ChatGPT to accelerate your work progress as a designer.
Designing for Mobile
Practical examples when designing mobile interfaces. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, more people start accessing the internet and using their mobile phones or tablets since bringing smaller devices wherever is rather convenient.
The Impact of Typography In Branding
The blog highlights the importance of typography in branding. It emphasizes the need to choose fonts, sizes, spacing, and color contrast that enhance legibility to ensure the brand's message is conveyed clearly and effectively.
The Power of Design Templates
Design templates are an essential tool for any designer, whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out. They are pre-made designs that are created with specific standards in mind to ensure consistency and quality.
The Impact of UI Animation on Your Design
UI animation has become an essential part of website design in recent years. It refers to the use of motion graphics to enhance the user experience (UX) of a website.
The Efficiency of Design Hand-off to Developers
Hey there! I’m JC Gatchalian, a UI designer based in Manila, Philippines, and a current staff UI designer at High Output Ventures and a member of Design Hive community.
An Introduction to UI Design for Juniors
UI design is the process designers use to build interfaces in software, mobile applications, and websites. It focuses on both function and form. But when starting with UI design, someone who transitioned or has little to no experience in it can be overwhelmed with all the factors they need to consider.