The 3 Key Purposes of an Illustration System
Harness the full potential of illustrations to visually transform your communication, strengthen your brand identity, and enhance user experience through a cohesive illustration system.
How to Create a Logo Icon — Modifying a Font in Illustrator
Explore the powerful tools and features of Adobe Illustrator and learn how to take a font and mold it into a unique visual representation of your brand. Through the process, sharing tips and tricks along the way to help you create logo icons that leave a lasting impression.
Do Designers Need Drawing Skills?
As an illustrator, drawing skills, which involve sketching, drafting, rendering, and the like, can benefit designers when it comes to formulating basic ideas and other detailed graphics.
Essential Tools for a Digital Illustrator
Hello there! I’m Arkyoo, an illustrator for High Output Ventures. I began my illustration design career at HOV in April 2022. Since then, I’ve been learning from my colleagues and superiors and discovering things on my own. It’s been an exciting journey over the last eleven months.