The Creation of Nektic - A Case Study

This case study explores a memorable brainstorming of our session on Nektic. Through a firsthand experience, from the creative process, collaboration, and innovative ideas that emerged during the session.

Introducing Nektic

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Nektic is a design agency that crafts world-class brand identity and landing page in just 2 weeks using Webflow to help founders launch their businesses or refresh existing ones. Nektic aims to provide the best design experience for our customers. We do branding, illustrations, animations, podcast sound editing, 60-second video editing, and landing page design.

Our goal is to build our brand identity

  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design

This case study explores a memorable brainstorming of our session on Nektic. Through a firsthand experience, from the creative process, collaboration, and innovative ideas that emerged during the session. It showcases the agency's commitment to providing the best design experience and highlights the power of collective thinking in driving exceptional outcomes.

Our collective commitment to pushing the boundaries of design excellence set the stage for a truly transformative brainstorming session.

We had a Brand Audit about what we currently have and started brainstorming to transform the HOV Design department identity into a start-up remote design agency and produce an MVP website within 4 weeks.

During the brand audit, we examined every aspect of our brand, analyzing our messaging, visuals, and market perception. We gained valuable insights into our strengths and areas for improvement.

Brand Audit about what we currently have

The beauty of brand naming creative process

Armed with this understanding, we dove into the brainstorming session, seeking a name that would capture our values and resonate with our target audience. It was like an hour of silence, deep thinking, and a thorough assessment of making the brand name.

The first round of the session was full of excitement as we rushed into putting some brand names, adding visuals, and voting for the name which we knew would resonate with our brand.

The beauty of brand naming creative process
The beauty of brand naming creative process 2

In the second round and the third round of the session, we got into 3 choices of brand names: Parallel, Nektic, and Catto. We faced a bit of a challenge and did the criteria for choosing the name:

  • Relevance and Meaning - The brand name should align with our company's values, mission, and target audience. It should convey a sense of what our brand represents and be relevant to our industry.
  • Memorability - A strong brand name is easy to remember, pronounce, and spell.
  • Domain Name Availability - In today's digital age, securing a domain name that matches your brand name is essential. So checking the availability of relevant domain names that align with your brand name to ensure a consistent online presence.

After lively discussions, we landed on the name "Nektic." It represented our commitment to creativity, innovation, and exceptional design experiences.

Nektic is more than just a logo

During the logo exploration process, the team built a lot of concepts. Our Brand Designer faced a unique challenge. The abundance of similar concepts on the internet, particularly those featuring the letter "N," posed a hurdle in crafting a distinctive and memorable logo. She embarked on an exploration of innovative design approaches, seeking to push the boundaries and create a logo that would truly stand out amidst the crowd. Through perseverance and creative thinking, she was able to overcome this obstacle, ultimately delivering a logo concept for Nektic that encapsulated its essence and differentiated it from the rest.

She started refining one of the logo concepts. Finally, after a few iterations of the logo mark, she arrived at the completed product.

Meet Nekto

Derived from the word "nektonic," Nekto serves as a powerful visual representation of our brand. This charming and charismatic character plays a pivotal role in creating a memorable and recognizable image for Nektic within the design industry.

The journey of our Illustration Designer together with our UI Designer in bringing Nekto, the octopus mascot of Nektic, to life was a creative endeavor filled with unique challenges and purposeful decisions. With meticulous attention to detail, our designers navigated the complexities of capturing the essence of Nektic's brand identity within the character of an octopus, overcoming obstacles to create a captivating and meaningful representation.

The choice of an octopus as the embodiment of Nektic stemmed from its symbolism of adaptability, problem-solving prowess, multi-dimensionality, and playfulness, characteristics that perfectly aligned with our agency's values and the diverse nature of the design world.

Nektic’s Visual

Nektic's visual identity is anchored by the distinctive typography of Plus Jakarta Sans, which exudes a modern and professional vibe, perfectly reflecting our agency's commitment to world-class design. Complementing this typography is the vibrant and captivating Nektic green, a signature brand color that symbolizes our energy, creativity, and dedication to delivering standout design experiences. Together, these elements form a cohesive and visually striking identity that leaves a lasting impression on our audience.

The Creative team

The creation of Nektic's identity was a collaborative journey, driven by a team of talented individuals who shared a passion for exceptional design experiences. From a visionary founder to the dedicated brand designer, skilled UI Designers, and Illustration Designer, each person played a vital role in shaping and bringing Nektic's identity to life, weaving together their expertise, creativity, and unwavering commitment to delivering world-class design solutions.

Together, this collective effort forged a cohesive and impactful brand identity that embodies Nektic's values and sets the stage for its continued success in the design industry.

This is Nektic

The transformative journey, fueled by passion, expertise, and a shared vision for delivering exceptional design experiences. Through meticulous brand audits, collaborative brainstorming sessions, and thoughtful design choices, we crafted a powerful brand identity that embodies our commitment to innovation, versatility, and outstanding craftsmanship. Nektic stands as a testament to the collective effort of our team, showcasing our ability to translate ideas into captivating visuals, leaving a lasting impact in the design industry.